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Obituary for Ronna Emery

Ronna Emery
February 27, 1952 to July 8, 2019
CAMDEN………………Ronna Emery’s relentlessly resilient spirit and hopeful belief in possibilities carried her through the seasons of her life. On the day her energy was released from her physical being, blessings of birdsong filled the blue sky. It was a day that spoke to the character of her heart, for it was filled with warmth that encircled those she loved, and the promise of endless sunshine.
Born in Camden, Maine to loving parents, Desmond and Rebecca, she was the independent little sister to two somewhat infamous brothers, Paul and David. As a young girl, she was gifted with strength and a moral compass that only comes from both tenderness and tribulations.
She resided in northwest Connecticut for nearly two decades, where she graduated from The Gilbert School. It was here that she became the backbone in corporate offices, but most importantly made longtime friends and lifelong dance partners. She became a mother in 1976, and gave her beloved daughter Dawn the most perfectly imperfect life, with space to learn the value of struggle and perseverance, and to know and grow in the light of unconditional love. Much like how she tended her garden, she was a nurturing mother who knew when to simply let a flower become itself.
Ronna returned to her hometown of Camden in the mid-eighties to be closer to her most valued assets - her friends and family. She reconnected with her past, and was proud to build a life within her means. She was a pragmatic dreamer. She was never one to be impressed by excess, but instead cherished moments of closeness and simplicity. She was grounded by a sense of loyalty, self-reliance, generosity, and dedication to hard work. Ronna was hard-nosed, yet always tenderhearted.
She loved foolish dogs. She enjoyed a simple cup of tea. She asked for little, and gave much. She was always up for a game of cribbage, and was a good sport in games and in life. She was happiest while digging in the dirt, and seemed to never stop go-go-going. Once she had her mind set on a task, there was no stopping, even after sunset. She was the kind of woman who blew every single autumn leaf off her lawn, attacked a spring snowbank to uncover the grass below, and whose home was never disordered. She checked her mail, literally and metaphorically every day, including Sunday. She took care of her responsibilities, was dedicated, reliable, and always genuine. Ronna lived life as a giver, not a taker. She believed everyone should contribute, but that everyone also deserved a helping hand. Her commitment to the greater good led her to serve on several committees with missions to make her community and world happier and healthier.
She felt truly blessed to find an honest and faithful connection to Peck Kibbe. He was her anchor, safe harbor, and the salty sailor of her heart. She found solace in the joy and peace her friends and family brought to her life. They were the only jewels she ever truly cared to possess, and will evermore remain the heartland of her soul.
An informal celebration of Ronna’s life will be held on Sunday, September 22nd, from 12pm to 2pm. It will take place in the garden at the farm where she was first raised on Hosmer Pond Road in Camden. In lieu of flowers, you may honor Ronna through simple gestures - by working hard and being dedicated to your endeavors, by being kind and fair to all, and by simply being a good friend and neighbor. Do something nice for someone, just because you can - plant a seed, smell a flower, weed the garden, and make way for more beauty. For those who so desire, donations in her memory may be made to a charity of their choosing that they feel reflects her friendship and spirit.
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